Court House Wedding.
Sand Ceremony involve the parents, grandparents and children in building the foundation for your marriage.
Mayan Wedding Ceremony begins with calling in the directions

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Homepage of Victoria Willard

Welcome to the Homepage of Victoria Willard Celebrations making your Wedding Ceremony dreams come true. Your Wedding Ceremony Done Your Way.

On this homepage of Victoria Willard Celebrations, the focus is your wedding.

Looking for something different?

Victoria will help you design your Alternative Wedding style.

Where ever you choose to get married (within reason), Rev. Victoria will work with you to design the perfect ceremony that suits your lifestyle and values, to celebrate the love you share. 


Honoring people of all faiths, and lifestyles, Rev. Victoria, as an ordained metaphysical minister, celebrates her love for all.


Working with couples from many backgrounds, including those who come together from different faiths and those with no particular religious views, she creates love-centered ceremonies.

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Packages and services

The Rev. Victoria Willard is happy to help you celebrate the changes in your life.

  • Birthing Ceremonies,
  • Puberty Ceremonies,
  • Coming of Age,
  • Elder Ceremonies,
  • Celebrations of Life,
  • Are all done with compassion and unconditional love.

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