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At Victoria Willard Celebrations, we specialize in crafting unforgettable ceremonies that leave a lasting impact on both you and your guests. Our goal is to design unique and truly personalized experiences that will be etched into your memories for many years to come.

Handfasting Ceremony

Have you ever been to a few weddings and they all sounded the same?

Wedding ceremonies often involve officiants who adhere strictly to their own methods, showing little flexibility and lacking creative space. They often overlook the uniqueness of each couple. However, at Victoria Willard Celebrations, I am committed to helping you design a one-of-a-kind ceremony that genuinely mirrors your love and the special connection you both share. Whether you prefer a Boho or Traditional Ceremony with a relaxed ambiance, I am here to assist you in bringing your dream day to life.


Being a certified Metaphysical Minister, officially recognized in the province of British Columbia, Canada, I am granted the authority to officiate wedding ceremonies and conduct various significant life ceremonies. In addition, I hold a Bachelor’s degree from the esteemed University of Metaphysics, located in the enchanting city of Sedona, California. My educational journey there paved the way for me to attain a Doctoral Ministerial Degree in Philosophy, with a specialization in the transformative paradigm of Conscious-Centered Living.


Civil Ceremony

Victoria Willard’s Wedding Ceremony

When I was married many years ago, there were not many options other than a courthouse or church wedding. Neither one of them was my idea of fun.

My idea of a courthouse wedding was that it would be stiff and formal with no room for any creativity, while a church wedding seemed to be more of a lecture than a celebration of life together.

We found a minister in Bergen, Alberta, who would marry us in a very quiet ceremony with a few adaptations and deletions. We chose to break away from traditional norms and opt for a more meaningful and intimate experience. The reception was held in my sister’s backyard with a small group of friends and family.

Victoria Willard Celebrations

Victoria Willard Celebrations Mission

Our objective at Victoria Willard Celebrations is to deliver enjoyable, innovative, stress-free, and unforgettable celebrations for every milestone in your life journey. Life is too brief to be confined within the boundaries of convention and routine.

About Rev. Victoria

Rev. Victoria Willard, a wedding officiant, is dedicated to serving the beautiful interior of British Columbia. No matter where you envision exchanging your vows, Rev. Victoria will collaborate closely with you to craft a truly perfect ceremony that beautifully aligns with your unique lifestyle and cherished values, allowing you to joyously celebrate the boundless love you both share.

With a deep respect for every individual, faith, and way of life, as a metaphysical minister, she wholeheartedly embraces and celebrates love in all its forms. Rev. Victoria has vast experience working with couples from diverse backgrounds, including those joining together from different spiritual paths as well as those who may not identify with a specific religious affiliation. By creating ceremonies that are centered on love, she ensures that each couple’s union is harmonious and meaningful.

For detailed pricing and further information, please feel free to reach out to Rev. Victoria at Rev.vicky11@gmail.com or contact her via phone at 250-547-2316. Alternatively, you can reach her mobile directly at 250-351-4716.

Should you and your beloved choose to celebrate your love in another Canadian province, temporary permits can be obtained accordingly, making it possible for Rev. Victoria to officiate your special day no matter the location.

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