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What is the Wedding Ceremony Order of Events

Wedding Ceremony Order of Events
Wedding Ceremony Order

What is the Wedding Ceremony order of events?

The wedding ceremony order of events can get confusing. There are so many options. How do you choose? What to do and when? Who comes first? These are all good questions that I hope to answer for you.

Wedding Ceremony Order of Events

  1. First is the processional, or the order that you walk down the aisle.
  2. Opening remarks by the Officiant
  3. Readings by family members or the officiant
  4. Unifying Ceremony
  5. Commitment Ceremony
  6. Ring Ceremony
  7. The KISS
  8. The signing of the marriage license and registry
  9. Recessional, or the order that you walk back down the aisle
  10. Photos and reception to follow.

Wedding Order of Events


  • Members of the family are seated.
  • Friends and other guests are seated
  • Groom & groomsmen can enter from the side
  • Or the groom can escort the mother of the bride down the aisle and then takes his place at the front.
  • The best man, groomsmen, and bride’s maids follow the groom.
  • Maid of Honor
  • The ring bearer and flower girl
  • Then the bride follows with one or both parents.

There are many variations to this processional. Please discuss it with your officiant or wedding planner to find what works for you.

Wedding Officiant

Wondering when and where the Officiant comes in?

The officiant will enter from the side prior to the entrance of the groom.

Opening Remardks

Opening Remarks/Words of Welcome:

  • Thank the guests for bearing witness to your union and welcome everyone.
  • The introduction of the couple
  • What the gathering is about
  • The meaning of marriage



  • You may ask guests or family to read a prayer, poem, or quote that has meaning for both of you.
  • The number of readings is up to you.

Unification Ceremony

Unification Ceremony:

  • You can choose to recite your own vows.
  • Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony
  • Hand Fasting
  • Jump the broom
  • Create a time capsule.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Any type of unification that is meaningful to you

Commitment Ceremony

  • Your vows can be personalized, memorized, or recited by the officiant.
  • You can go the traditional way of asking “Do you take this woman/and to be your lawfully wedded spouse?” resulting in the traditional “I Do.”
Ring Ceremony

Ring Ceremony:

  • An officiant-led ring ceremony, traditional or non-traditional
  • Your own written ring exchange.
  • Place the rings on each other’s hands in silence.
Wedding Ceremony Order of Events
The Kiss

The Kiss:

  • The best part of the whole day!!

Make it legal.

Last but not least is the signing of the paperwork: the signing of the marriage license, even though you are soaring high right now. This is the “back to earth” moment to make your marriage legal.

We will briefly take a break so you and your witnesses can sign the Marriage License and the Marriage Registry.

The officiant will introduce you to your family and guests as Mr. and Mrs. ______.

Now it’s time to move on to the photos and the reception, to the party!

The wedding ceremony order of events usually is about 20 to 30 minutes in total. It takes longer to get everyone organized than it does to complete the ceremony.

For further information, please contact Victoria.

How to Perform a Sand Ceremony Wedding

Sand Ceremony 2

A sand ceremony wedding is perfect for the beach or outdoor weddings where a breeze might make lighting the candle difficult.

Wedding ceremonies are adaptable; couples can include or exclude certain ceremonies or rituals to fit their personalities.

As cultures and ethnicities have blended, “non-traditional” elements like outdoor venues, personalized vows, a friend or officiant, and unity-candle/sand ceremonies have become the norm. Couples are finding ways to make their weddings unique.

The Origins of the Sand Ceremony

Hebrew Salt Covenant

The origins of this tradition are unclear, although most theories point to two different backgrounds.

The first version explains that the sand ceremony has its origin in an ancient Hebrew tradition: the so-called “salt covenant”. In the time of Abraham, the salt covenant was used to seal agreements, friendships, and contracts.

“Salt Covenant Wedding”

In the Salt Covenant Wedding ceremony, both the bride and groom blend their salt. Then, they use blended salt in their daily cooking. When the salt gets low, they repeat the ceremony, refilling the salt container and having a constant reminder of their vows.

Each person involved carried a container of salt, which was mixed on the ground. This meant that, once the salt was mixed, it could never be separated, thereby becoming a pact for a lifetime.

Hawaiian Origins

However, other historians claim that the sand ceremony has its origin in the old Hawaiian weddings that were held on the beach. The bride and groom brought handfuls of sand from their homes and mixed them as a symbol of their union and eternal love.

Unity sand ceremonies have also been practiced traditionally within Christian and Catholic wedding ceremonies. However, any couple is free to include this ceremony in their wedding, regardless of religion, location, or sexuality.

sand Ceremony

What Is a Wedding Sand Ceremony?

At its simplest, a sand ceremony involves the symbolic blending of two or more different-colored sands into a single vessel, symbolizing the blending of two different beings, the bride and the groom, into a single, inseparable unit by the joining of their lives. As hard as it would be to separate those grains of sand, that’s how difficult it is to separate these two people.

Steps of a Sand Ceremony

  • The officiant explains the meaning of the ceremony and how it relates to the couple being married.
  • The groom is asked to pour some of his sand (i.e., blue) into the larger vessel.
  • The officiant asks the bride to do the same with her sand (i.e., pink).
  • The bride and groom then pour their sand together into a single stream.
  • The ceremony is then closed with words about the union of two people, by the officiant.

Supplies for a Sand Ceremony

The containers are not just beautiful, but the specific colors of the sand also have meaning. Personal traits of the couple, their families, and friends are represented by the unique shades of sand in the wedding sand ceremony. These different hues of sand also have significant meanings and, therefore, can be used to depict certain characteristics of this bond.

Couples choose the white sand to represent purity, spiritual values, and devotion. On which to build the relationship, white sand is sometimes used as the foundation sand.

Yellow sand is used by couples who think about friendship, balance, and harmony.

Some couples who have been together for quite a time and have a deep understanding of each other would choose the red coral sand to depict love, passion, and romance.

Green sand represents health, luck, and prosperity for the couple.

Those who wish patience, tranquility, and longevity for each other would use blue sand.

Items that will be needed to perform this ceremony:

You may decide to use sand with two different colors, one for each partner. This will make your grains of sand easier to see when they are poured into the larger vessel, making for a lovely visual effect.

Two small vessels: Additional vessels can be used for the children or parents of the couple. Many couples tend to choose glass so that the sand is visible. A family heirloom could also be chosen.

One large vessel, preferably with a stopper to keep it sealed from accidentally spilling and to keep it clean. A glass vessel allows the pouring of the sand to be visible.

You are free to place a table anywhere within your venue. However, you may want to place it so the audience can see the wedding sand ceremony. You can also decorate the table to match your theme.

Wedding Sand Ceremony Options

Sand can be added to the base of the larger container by the parents, signifying the foundation of the family. The couple then each pours their sand into the larger container.

You could also have the children join the ceremony to signify the blending of families. Each has another color to add to the rainbow of sand that signifies the foundation and joining of families together.

The groom pours a layer of sand and then the bride pours a layer of her colored sand. Then a layer is poured by both at the same time to signify the joining of the two.

Leaving a bit of sand in each original vessel, to symbolize that each of you will maintain his or her individuality even as your lives are joined.

Collecting sand from meaningful places—a favorite beach or vacation spot—can add some significance to the ceremony.

Inviting the members of your wedding party to add sand to the container honors the special place they hold in your lives.

Sand colors to match the wedding theme colors

Choose a vase, an urn, or another vessel that has special meaning to you both.

Sand Ceremony

Final Thoughts

The vessel containing your combined sand is a lifelong keepsake of your wedding. It is yours to keep; you can display it in your home or store it somewhere safe. It is a constant reminder that your marriage is a partnership and that your marriage needs your commitment to work.

 A sand ceremony, at its most basic level, entails the symbolic blending of two or more different-colored sands into a single vessel, signifying the blending of two separate beings, the bride and groom, into a single, indivisible one via the uniting of their lives.

To learn more about the officiant packages and services available, contact Rev. Victoria.

Rev. Victoria’s information is also available on

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How to Find a Marriage License Near Me?

Finding a marriage license near you can confuse many people because each city has a variety of locations where you can purchase your marriage license. It is a simple process when you follow the steps.


  • Where to purchase a marriage license in B.C.
  • When to get the marriage license
  • Ways to get married in B.C.
  • Cost
  • Changing your name after marriage

How to find a Marriage Licence

How to find a Marriage License Near You.

Every city has a few choices on where you can get your marriage license.

  • Service B.C.
  • Some insurance companies
  • Shopper’s Drug Mart
  • London Drugs

This link will help you find a location near you.

When to find the Marriage License?

Up to three months prior to your wedding, you must get a marriage license. Be sure to check your dates, because it will expire after three months and you will need to purchase another one.
You must purchase the marriage license up to 48 hours before the wedding date.
Apply for the marriage license either together or separately. You will, however, require identification for both of you.

Examples of primary identification include:

  • Birth certificate
  • IMM/immigration form
  • Permanent resident card
  • Citizenship card

In some circumstances, the marriage license provider may accept a passport or driver’s license

Ways to Get Married in Canada

Find a Marriage License

Religious marriage service

If you want to be married in the religious tradition of your choice, then a religious marriage service is right for you.

A recognized religious official will marry you if this is your choice of service. The government of British Columbia, Canada, must recognize the religious official, to perform religious marriage rites in Canada, so be sure to check this before you proceed.

The government of British Columbia recognizes Victoria Willard as a religious officiant.

Find a Marriage License

Civil Marriage Service

A civil marriage service in Canada is another option: you can get married at a municipal court, city hall, or town hall.

Again, just be sure the officiant may legally perform civil marriage ceremonies in Canada. Typically, the officiant will be a judge, municipal clerk, or justice of the peace.

Cost of Marriage License

Cost of a Marriage License in B.C.

A Marriage License in B.C. costs $100.00 and is non-refundable.

However, if you lose your license, you can return to the place of purchase and ask for a replacement.

How to Change Your Last Name Legally After You Get Married

It is not required by law to change your last name after you get married, however, if you decide to change your name, you will need:

  1. Marriage certificate
  2. Current photo health card
  3. Driver’s license

It is easy and inexpensive to get a marriage license. Find a location near you, not over three months ahead and up to 48 hours before the wedding, and purchase the marriage license.

Get in Touch

Get In Touch

Are you planning your wedding day with your partner?

Victoria specializes in alternative-style weddings done your way.

Contact us or call us at 250-351-4716 to receive a Wedding Plan checklist.

How To Reduce Your Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

Reduce your wedding budget to create an affordable wedding.

What is Your Wedding Budget?

There are 12 strategies to cut costs and save money on your wedding budget. Is it possible to save money for a house, car, or vacation while also having the wedding of your dreams? We can minimize your wedding budget by making a few changes to your must-have list.

What is the average cost of a wedding in Canada?

According to Money Sense, the average cost of a wedding in Canada in 2021 was between $22,000.00 and $30,000.00.

To save money, today’s couples must choose between a large wedding and a house, car, or vacation.

With such a large price tag, many couples are opting for a low-cost wedding. But how do you save money?

Average costs for a wedding budget

Before we look at ways to reduce your wedding budget, let’s look at some of the must-haves for a wedding and the average costs included:

Wedding Budget
  1. Marriage License    –        100
  2. Officiant –                          350-600
  3. Brides Attire                      500-3,000
  4. Guests                               #
  5. Grooms’ attire                  50-250
  6. Location of Wedding        200-500
  7. Reception Location          500-4000
  8. Caterer / Cake                  70-150 per person
  9. Invitations                         3.50-6.00 each
  10. Transportation                  75-100 per hour
  11. Entertainment                     250-1000
  12. Honeymoon                      500-4000

I’m sure there are many more items to add to the list, but we’ll try to keep it as concise as possible.

You can get a sense of some costs by looking at the list above.

To keep your wedding budget on target, there are several options.

Wedding Budget
Wedding Budget

 How can I reduce our wedding budget in Canada?

The government of British Columbia levies a non-negotiable fee for a marriage license.

Wedding Officiant


Commissionaires or Justice of the Peace are a set price, but chat with an officiant to see how you might save money in this area. If you write your vows or shorten the length of the ceremony, they may offer a reduced fee.

Wedding Gown

The bride’s gown and accessories can quickly add up in price. When looking for a wedding gown, consider some of the gorgeous formal gowns available for graduates and bridesmaids.

When you shop for brides in a specialty boutique, you’ll pay specialty prices! Prices on the internet can be lower; just make sure you double-check the measurements for the correct fit. Borrowing or renting a wedding gown can also be done, or a family member or friend can sew it for you.


If made of gold, silver, or platinum, especially with diamonds, it can be expensive. Whereas, wood, silicon, or lesser metals are much more cost-effective.

Grooms attire

Grooms Attire:

Rented tux, or a borrowed suit? Jeans and a vest look good. It all depends on how dressed-up your wedding theme is.

Budget Wedding Location


You have a variety of options for your wedding site. I’ve been to a few gorgeous park weddings that were all free. Grama’s or your parents’ lawn can be a great option for renting a hall or a huge venue. How about a beach vacation or campground you love to visit? If you plan your appointment on a day other than Saturday, you can find lower fees and shorter schedules.

When looking for suitable places for your reception, keep in mind the number of visitors you’ll need to accommodate. The wedding venue can vary, ranging from costly to free, depending on the location. At the beach, a friend’s field, backyard, or house, or your favorite lake or camping spot. One of the most significant advantages of having your wedding in a natural location is that Mother Nature has already done the decorating for you, saving you money. Community centers are usually less expensive than larger venues or hotel meeting rooms. Off-peak days and hours may help you save money occasionally.

Wedding Buffet


Costs can quickly mount up depending on the number of guests you invite. Multiply 50–100 dollars per dish by the number of guests to get an approximation of the cost. Plus, an extra $20–$30 per person for alcohol. Limiting the guest list to immediate family and best friends, self-catering, having guests bring a dish, or timing the time such that a full meal is not required and providing appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, canapes, or sweet trays, as well as tea and coffee, can all help you save money.

Wedding Invitation


Handwritten invitations and thank you cards provide a personal touch, and they’re easy to make with Canva. Costco wedding invitation cards are approximately 75 cents each, while Vista print wedding invitation cards are roughly $2.29 each, so you can save some money by not doing the design and printing yourself.

Wedding Car

Taking a limo for transportation could be expensive. Is there a friend or family member who owns an antique or a gorgeous car that the bride and groom can use? Is this something you’ll be able to check off your to-do list?

Wedding Music


A sound system or stereo system can play music; a friend can play guitar, or a DJ can provide music to dance to.



Are a few days away for the two of you absolutely necessary? Some couples opt to buy a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, go camping, stay at a local hotel for one night, or stay at home. You have many options available to you.

By decreasing your guest list, going to a more intimate location in nature, and accepting the support of friends and family, you will keep your wedding costs down.

A few adjustments are impossible to make, but many more choices are available.

Rev. Victoria’s information is also available on

Go to the booking calendar to choose your date.