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How to Plan a Wedding Ceremony Your Way

How to plan a wedding ceremony while strengthening your relationship with each other and making wonderful memories

Do you need a wedding officiant who is adaptable, kind, and patient? Your fantasy wedding ceremony can be created with Rev. Victoria’s assistance.

Pan Your Wedding Your way
  • Check Your Dates
  • Get an officiant
  • Style of Ceremony
  • Your Vows
  • Location

Review the Dates for Your Wedding Ceremony

Choosing the day for your wedding can be thrilling and stressful at the same time. Verify the availability of the dates you’ve selected with the venue, the site of the ceremony, the officiant, and, if you’re having your wedding catered, the caterer.

Wedding Ceremony Officiant

Select an Officiant Who Suits Your Style

In your ceremony, the officiant is crucial. Look for a connection with someone. Never feel obligated to select a pastor or other official simply because of their title. If you don’t already know someone, consider a friend or relative who would be honored to play this particular role, and then get in touch with a celebrant ready to say a few words and declare you married.

Rev. Victoria will make every effort to ensure that your special day goes just as you had envisioned it. It will be a moment of immense joy and happiness.

Victoria enjoys working with couples from various backgrounds who share no particular religious beliefs or earthly spirituality.

What is your style?

  • Traditional Weddings.
  • Modern Weddings.
  • Hand Fasting
  • Shamanic
  • Unity Candle
  • Sand Ceremony
  • Vintage Weddings.
  • Beach Weddings.
  • Rustic Weddings.
  • Garden & Outdoor Weddings.
  • Bohemian Weddings.
  • Whimsical Weddings.
  • Or mix it up!
  • Bring your differences together

Victoria possesses a number of qualities, including flexibility and patience, that will help you stay composed and focused on even the most exciting day. Any Day, Anytime!

Wedding Ceremony

Your Vows

  • Write your own
  • Co-write them with your officiant
  • The officiant creates your vows for you

Start early if you wish to compose your own vows. You’ll want to create and rewrite your sentences until you’re completely satisfied with them.

Some couples like to make spontaneous, heartfelt creations without prior planning.

Co-creation can be enjoyable! You can make some suggestions, add your own words, take things out of the script, or write your own vows and have the Officiant read them at your wedding ceremony.

The Officiant has many resources for writing your vows, with your approval, of course.

Location, Location, Location… of your Wedding Ceremony

Whatever location you choose, Rev. Victoria will collaborate with you to design the perfect ceremony that respects your union while also reflecting your values and lifestyle. The Wedding Wire website has a helpful list of BC venues.

  • Indoors: a local community center, a gathering area at a lodge, a church…
  • Outdoors: local park, farm, beach, field; at the top of the mountain, at your favorite lake… Your imagination is the only thing slowing you down.
  • You can have your ceremony indoors and the reception outdoors, or the other way around

All these decisions can be overwhelming for some, but together we can do it!

  • Check Your Dates
  • Get an Officiant
  • Style of Ceremony
  • Your Vows
  • Location

For further information and Choosing the Best Wedding Package details,

Contact Rev. Victoria for more information and bookings are available on Wedding Wire

What is the Wedding Ceremony Order of Events

Wedding Ceremony Order of Events
Wedding Ceremony Order

What is the Wedding Ceremony order of events?

The wedding ceremony order of events can get confusing. There are so many options. How do you choose? What to do and when? Who comes first? These are all good questions that I hope to answer for you.

Wedding Ceremony Order of Events

  1. First is the processional, or the order that you walk down the aisle.
  2. Opening remarks by the Officiant
  3. Readings by family members or the officiant
  4. Unifying Ceremony
  5. Commitment Ceremony
  6. Ring Ceremony
  7. The KISS
  8. The signing of the marriage license and registry
  9. Recessional, or the order that you walk back down the aisle
  10. Photos and reception to follow.

Wedding Order of Events


  • Members of the family are seated.
  • Friends and other guests are seated
  • Groom & groomsmen can enter from the side
  • Or the groom can escort the mother of the bride down the aisle and then takes his place at the front.
  • The best man, groomsmen, and bride’s maids follow the groom.
  • Maid of Honor
  • The ring bearer and flower girl
  • Then the bride follows with one or both parents.

There are many variations to this processional. Please discuss it with your officiant or wedding planner to find what works for you.

Wedding Officiant

Wondering when and where the Officiant comes in?

The officiant will enter from the side prior to the entrance of the groom.

Opening Remardks

Opening Remarks/Words of Welcome:

  • Thank the guests for bearing witness to your union and welcome everyone.
  • The introduction of the couple
  • What the gathering is about
  • The meaning of marriage



  • You may ask guests or family to read a prayer, poem, or quote that has meaning for both of you.
  • The number of readings is up to you.

Unification Ceremony

Unification Ceremony:

  • You can choose to recite your own vows.
  • Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony
  • Hand Fasting
  • Jump the broom
  • Create a time capsule.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Any type of unification that is meaningful to you

Commitment Ceremony

  • Your vows can be personalized, memorized, or recited by the officiant.
  • You can go the traditional way of asking “Do you take this woman/and to be your lawfully wedded spouse?” resulting in the traditional “I Do.”
Ring Ceremony

Ring Ceremony:

  • An officiant-led ring ceremony, traditional or non-traditional
  • Your own written ring exchange.
  • Place the rings on each other’s hands in silence.
Wedding Ceremony Order of Events
The Kiss

The Kiss:

  • The best part of the whole day!!

Make it legal.

Last but not least is the signing of the paperwork: the signing of the marriage license, even though you are soaring high right now. This is the “back to earth” moment to make your marriage legal.

We will briefly take a break so you and your witnesses can sign the Marriage License and the Marriage Registry.

The officiant will introduce you to your family and guests as Mr. and Mrs. ______.

Now it’s time to move on to the photos and the reception, to the party!

The wedding ceremony order of events usually is about 20 to 30 minutes in total. It takes longer to get everyone organized than it does to complete the ceremony.

For further information, please contact Victoria.

How to Find a Marriage License Near Me?

Finding a marriage license near you can confuse many people because each city has a variety of locations where you can purchase your marriage license. It is a simple process when you follow the steps.


  • Where to purchase a marriage license in B.C.
  • When to get the marriage license
  • Ways to get married in B.C.
  • Cost
  • Changing your name after marriage

How to find a Marriage Licence

How to find a Marriage License Near You.

Every city has a few choices on where you can get your marriage license.

  • Service B.C.
  • Some insurance companies
  • Shopper’s Drug Mart
  • London Drugs

This link will help you find a location near you.

When to find the Marriage License?

Up to three months prior to your wedding, you must get a marriage license. Be sure to check your dates, because it will expire after three months and you will need to purchase another one.
You must purchase the marriage license up to 48 hours before the wedding date.
Apply for the marriage license either together or separately. You will, however, require identification for both of you.

Examples of primary identification include:

  • Birth certificate
  • IMM/immigration form
  • Permanent resident card
  • Citizenship card

In some circumstances, the marriage license provider may accept a passport or driver’s license

Ways to Get Married in Canada

Find a Marriage License

Religious marriage service

If you want to be married in the religious tradition of your choice, then a religious marriage service is right for you.

A recognized religious official will marry you if this is your choice of service. The government of British Columbia, Canada, must recognize the religious official, to perform religious marriage rites in Canada, so be sure to check this before you proceed.

The government of British Columbia recognizes Victoria Willard as a religious officiant.

Find a Marriage License

Civil Marriage Service

A civil marriage service in Canada is another option: you can get married at a municipal court, city hall, or town hall.

Again, just be sure the officiant may legally perform civil marriage ceremonies in Canada. Typically, the officiant will be a judge, municipal clerk, or justice of the peace.

Cost of Marriage License

Cost of a Marriage License in B.C.

A Marriage License in B.C. costs $100.00 and is non-refundable.

However, if you lose your license, you can return to the place of purchase and ask for a replacement.

How to Change Your Last Name Legally After You Get Married

It is not required by law to change your last name after you get married, however, if you decide to change your name, you will need:

  1. Marriage certificate
  2. Current photo health card
  3. Driver’s license

It is easy and inexpensive to get a marriage license. Find a location near you, not over three months ahead and up to 48 hours before the wedding, and purchase the marriage license.

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