How To Reduce Your Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

Reduce your wedding budget to create an affordable wedding.

What is Your Wedding Budget?

There are 12 strategies to cut costs and save money on your wedding budget. Is it possible to save money for a house, car, or vacation while also having the wedding of your dreams? We can minimize your wedding budget by making a few changes to your must-have list.

What is the average cost of a wedding in Canada?

According to Money Sense, the average cost of a wedding in Canada in 2021 was between $22,000.00 and $30,000.00.

To save money, today’s couples must choose between a large wedding and a house, car, or vacation.

With such a large price tag, many couples are opting for a low-cost wedding. But how do you save money?

Average costs for a wedding budget

Before we look at ways to reduce your wedding budget, let’s look at some of the must-haves for a wedding and the average costs included:

Wedding Budget
  1. Marriage License    –        100
  2. Officiant –                          350-600
  3. Brides Attire                      500-3,000
  4. Guests                               #
  5. Grooms’ attire                  50-250
  6. Location of Wedding        200-500
  7. Reception Location          500-4000
  8. Caterer / Cake                  70-150 per person
  9. Invitations                         3.50-6.00 each
  10. Transportation                  75-100 per hour
  11. Entertainment                     250-1000
  12. Honeymoon                      500-4000

I’m sure there are many more items to add to the list, but we’ll try to keep it as concise as possible.

You can get a sense of some costs by looking at the list above.

To keep your wedding budget on target, there are several options.

Wedding Budget
Wedding Budget

 How can I reduce our wedding budget in Canada?

The government of British Columbia levies a non-negotiable fee for a marriage license.

Wedding Officiant


Commissionaires or Justice of the Peace are a set price, but chat with an officiant to see how you might save money in this area. If you write your vows or shorten the length of the ceremony, they may offer a reduced fee.

Wedding Gown

The bride’s gown and accessories can quickly add up in price. When looking for a wedding gown, consider some of the gorgeous formal gowns available for graduates and bridesmaids.

When you shop for brides in a specialty boutique, you’ll pay specialty prices! Prices on the internet can be lower; just make sure you double-check the measurements for the correct fit. Borrowing or renting a wedding gown can also be done, or a family member or friend can sew it for you.


If made of gold, silver, or platinum, especially with diamonds, it can be expensive. Whereas, wood, silicon, or lesser metals are much more cost-effective.

Grooms attire

Grooms Attire:

Rented tux, or a borrowed suit? Jeans and a vest look good. It all depends on how dressed-up your wedding theme is.

Budget Wedding Location


You have a variety of options for your wedding site. I’ve been to a few gorgeous park weddings that were all free. Grama’s or your parents’ lawn can be a great option for renting a hall or a huge venue. How about a beach vacation or campground you love to visit? If you plan your appointment on a day other than Saturday, you can find lower fees and shorter schedules.

When looking for suitable places for your reception, keep in mind the number of visitors you’ll need to accommodate. The wedding venue can vary, ranging from costly to free, depending on the location. At the beach, a friend’s field, backyard, or house, or your favorite lake or camping spot. One of the most significant advantages of having your wedding in a natural location is that Mother Nature has already done the decorating for you, saving you money. Community centers are usually less expensive than larger venues or hotel meeting rooms. Off-peak days and hours may help you save money occasionally.

Wedding Buffet


Costs can quickly mount up depending on the number of guests you invite. Multiply 50–100 dollars per dish by the number of guests to get an approximation of the cost. Plus, an extra $20–$30 per person for alcohol. Limiting the guest list to immediate family and best friends, self-catering, having guests bring a dish, or timing the time such that a full meal is not required and providing appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, canapes, or sweet trays, as well as tea and coffee, can all help you save money.

Wedding Invitation


Handwritten invitations and thank you cards provide a personal touch, and they’re easy to make with Canva. Costco wedding invitation cards are approximately 75 cents each, while Vista print wedding invitation cards are roughly $2.29 each, so you can save some money by not doing the design and printing yourself.

Wedding Car

Taking a limo for transportation could be expensive. Is there a friend or family member who owns an antique or a gorgeous car that the bride and groom can use? Is this something you’ll be able to check off your to-do list?

Wedding Music


A sound system or stereo system can play music; a friend can play guitar, or a DJ can provide music to dance to.



Are a few days away for the two of you absolutely necessary? Some couples opt to buy a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, go camping, stay at a local hotel for one night, or stay at home. You have many options available to you.

By decreasing your guest list, going to a more intimate location in nature, and accepting the support of friends and family, you will keep your wedding costs down.

A few adjustments are impossible to make, but many more choices are available.

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