What is the Wedding Ceremony Order of Events

Wedding Ceremony Order of Events
Wedding Ceremony Order

What is the Wedding Ceremony order of events?

The wedding ceremony order of events can get confusing. There are so many options. How do you choose? What to do and when? Who comes first? These are all good questions that I hope to answer for you.

Wedding Ceremony Order of Events

  1. First is the processional, or the order that you walk down the aisle.
  2. Opening remarks by the Officiant
  3. Readings by family members or the officiant
  4. Unifying Ceremony
  5. Commitment Ceremony
  6. Ring Ceremony
  7. The KISS
  8. The signing of the marriage license and registry
  9. Recessional, or the order that you walk back down the aisle
  10. Photos and reception to follow.

Wedding Order of Events


  • Members of the family are seated.
  • Friends and other guests are seated
  • Groom & groomsmen can enter from the side
  • Or the groom can escort the mother of the bride down the aisle and then takes his place at the front.
  • The best man, groomsmen, and bride’s maids follow the groom.
  • Maid of Honor
  • The ring bearer and flower girl
  • Then the bride follows with one or both parents.

There are many variations to this processional. Please discuss it with your officiant or wedding planner to find what works for you.

Wedding Officiant

Wondering when and where the Officiant comes in?

The officiant will enter from the side prior to the entrance of the groom.

Opening Remardks

Opening Remarks/Words of Welcome:

  • Thank the guests for bearing witness to your union and welcome everyone.
  • The introduction of the couple
  • What the gathering is about
  • The meaning of marriage



  • You may ask guests or family to read a prayer, poem, or quote that has meaning for both of you.
  • The number of readings is up to you.

Unification Ceremony

Unification Ceremony:

  • You can choose to recite your own vows.
  • Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony
  • Hand Fasting
  • Jump the broom
  • Create a time capsule.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Any type of unification that is meaningful to you

Commitment Ceremony

  • Your vows can be personalized, memorized, or recited by the officiant.
  • You can go the traditional way of asking “Do you take this woman/and to be your lawfully wedded spouse?” resulting in the traditional “I Do.”
Ring Ceremony

Ring Ceremony:

  • An officiant-led ring ceremony, traditional or non-traditional
  • Your own written ring exchange.
  • Place the rings on each other’s hands in silence.
Wedding Ceremony Order of Events
The Kiss

The Kiss:

  • The best part of the whole day!!

Make it legal.

Last but not least is the signing of the paperwork: the signing of the marriage license, even though you are soaring high right now. This is the “back to earth” moment to make your marriage legal.

We will briefly take a break so you and your witnesses can sign the Marriage License and the Marriage Registry.

The officiant will introduce you to your family and guests as Mr. and Mrs. ______.

Now it’s time to move on to the photos and the reception, to the party!

The wedding ceremony order of events usually is about 20 to 30 minutes in total. It takes longer to get everyone organized than it does to complete the ceremony.

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